Splash Screen


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Digital Design Week 2

Starting this project by investigating the surface in which the theme will be applied to and establish an understanding of the area I have to work with.

Theme investigation started with brainstorming and mindmapping. Not knowing where to begin, I started with thinking of my favourite things and inspired by the plane travel; I was taken in a direction I would not have found without this method.


Ghostbusters has excited me, it was a theme I had been thinking of doing before sitting down to brainstorm after seeing a promotion for the new Ghostbuster film while in the grocery store, as a child I LOVED this film.

Having fond memories of reading Alice in Wonderland as a child, this quickly became a theme to investigate.

Surprised in the way that the theme space appeared on the short list however the ideas were following of elements to feature in my design.

Africa is a place I have not visited yet plan to (one day) I quickly became intrigued by all the directions I could take this theme.   Africa is known for its wildlife, African people hold many of their creatures in high regard; as do they with their tribal culture. Masks and headpieces have much room for exploration.

As a self-confessed Christmas-o-holic I could easily do this theme. The concept developed off travels to New York at Christmas and my first white Christmas, realising an option to explore the different ways Christmas is celebrated; In the South Pacific we have Summer at Christmas where much of the “western” world are in Winter at Christmas and many European’s celebrate Christmas more on the 24th then the 25th December.

Day of the Dead is a wonderful celebration every November in Mexican culture, fresh in my mind after seeing images of friends celebrations earlier this month. I am attracted to the colours and the symbolism of imagery used on the masks.



Typography | Wicked Metal

Assessment Overview:  This assessment task requires you to create original graphic forms- of letters, of a word – to tell a story.

Allocated Word: Wicked

Allocated Material: Metal

Starting with mind maps, before researching inspiration sources. Metal has some limitations due to lack of my metal work knowledge. However, I am looking forward creative workarounds.

Project_One_ Materials_Mood_board updated

I have a few ideas that I have started researching and linking the story with the materials and word.